Waldorf-Inspired Seasonal Events: Stories and Songs

Stories, songs, holding hands and dancing in a circle, a hayride through the creek and up the hill — come to have fun and enjoy the children’s seasonal celebrations at the Homestead on Ward Road in Decatur, Tennessee!

February 12, 2012, at 11:00 a.m.      Stories & Songs:  The Little Cardinal and the Fir Tree; Possum Leaves the Forest; The Mitten Song; February is Here; Jack Frost; more.  Craft:  A nature centerpiece with forest objects and clay.  (423)-368-2196

October 22, 2011, 1 p.m.   Stories and Songs:  The Mischievous Gnome and the Pumpkins; The Cat and the Koi Pond; Fall songs.  Activity:  Learning the Language of Horses.  Craft:  Making Nature Tables… more!  (423) 368-2196


EduPals Tutoring and Language Learning

Ms. Wildy has been teaching and tutoring in Athens and Sweetwater for the last eight years. Before this, she taught in Denver, Colorado.

Ms. Wildy loves to explore ideas.  She enjoys creating lessons that are fun, anything about the natural worlds and science, and helping English language learners.   (If she sees someone who looks like they need assistance, whether in a library or airport, she may start speaking French, Spanish or American Sign Language to help them out.)

One of her great hopes is that America becomes more open to learning and sharing in other languages, across all cultures.

It’s easy to think someone understands because they are smiling… but they might not.  And it’s okay to pretend you understand … but it’s much better to really try and understand.

Ms. Wildy works with children through storytelling, tutoring and teaching.  Ask about a session or join a group by emailing: Tnteacher_jw@yahoo.com